Land Management

Mary Valley Vista is a registered Land for Wildlife property.  Land for Wildlife is a voluntary conservation program that offers support to its members to enhance and protect the habitat for wildlife.  The program just celebrated its 10th anniversary in Queensland.  We have achieved a number of goals, but it is still a work in progress.  The following are some of the projects undertaken to date:

  • Boundary fences were replaced using plain sighter wire on the top strand to minimise wildlife entanglements.  This project was supported by the Wildlife Friendly Fencing Project
  • Obi Obi Creek riparian zone was enhanced by revegetating a further 10m strip with the help of the former Maroochy Shire grants program.  It is planned to extend this revegetation.
  • Nest boxes were installed around the property to supplement and enhance the nesting sites for hollow dependent fauna such as microbats, possums, gliders, and birds.
  • Regeneration and revegetation is being used to expand and enhance the wildlife habitat on other areas of the property.
  • A small herd of cattle occupy two paddocks with large cleared areas(most of the year).  The cattle keep the long grass down whilst supporting a farming enterprise for a local grazier.  Internal electric fencing is used for these paddocks.
  • Weeds are controlled both by manual and chemical methods. There are number of weed species that are currently under management




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