A particularly unique feature of Mary Valley Vista is Nest Box Cam, where you can watch the activities of one of the many nest boxes installed around the property for hollow dependent fauna. An infra red camera captures live footage inside the nest box which is then transmitted to a TV monitor inside the cabin.  Squirrel gliders are regular visitors to the nest boxes. 

You can enjoy a walk to Obi Obi creek where you might spot the resident platypus, or a walk to the lookout where fabulous views of the surrounding valley are enjoyed. There is an extensive range of reading material and board games for entertainment, or satellite TV, DVD/CD is available. There are plenty of spots to sit and soak in the atmosphere. A variety of outdoor seating is available depending on your mood; hammock, bar stools, lounge or outdoor setting.  There is something for everyone.

waterfallA frog pond with a waterfall is a focal point outside the cabin that attracts an abundance of wildlife such as frogs, birds, dragonflies, butterflies, and so on.  A water feature such as this where the water appears to be flowing towards the front door is said to bring fortune to those within, according to Feng Shui design.  Other aspects of Feng Shui have been observed in the design and furnishing of the cabin in order to create an harmonious energy for our guests.  We encourage feedback from our guests on their stay and where there is room for improvement.     

Features of the cabin include:

  • Loft bedroom has queen size bed
  • Downstairs bedroom 2 single beds
  • Unique local artwork
  • Fully equipped kitchen with gas cooking
  • Combined Dining and Living area
  • Combined Bathroom and Laundry
  • Slow combustion wood burner & firewood 
  • Ceiling and wall fans
  • BBQ and outdoor setting
  • Complimentary cleaning and toiletry products
  • Complimentary supplies-eggs, bread, milk, tea, coffee and sugar                                     
  • Wide range of reading material and board games                                                     
  • Satellite TV, DVD, CD, Tape deck 
  • Nest Box Cam(with dedicated loungeTV monitor)
  • Wildlife Register(to record your wildlife sightings)

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